What We Offer

Servicing & Service History

We carry out all servicing following manufactures service schedule. We only use quality parts, genuine oil filter kits and approved ‘Long-Life’ engine oils of various grades to ensure the correct oil is used in your vehicle.

We have access to BMW's official aftersales portal enabling us to read the service requirements of your key as well as transmitting that data to your car and BMW once the service is completed ensuring that the service history is available in the car to anyone who may need to view it.


Therefor, this ensures your valuable warranty is upheld with the manufacturer or third party warranty provider.  

Transmission Services

An often overlooked component of servicing is the automatic transmission. With the latest 8 speed automatics and 7 speed dual clutch transmissions (DCT) and the complexity they carry, it is now more important than ever to ensure your transmission is serviced regularly.


BMW say that most of the gearboxes are filled with a ‘lifetime’ oil. In our experience this is not the case. Burnt gear oil, sluggish gear changes are just a couple of symptoms that show a transmission is in trouble. Our service package changes the sump pan with built in filter, mounting bolts, gearbox mulitplug sleeve, new drain and fill bung as well as top quality approved oil as well as resetting transmission adaptions to ensure maximum life from your transmission.


We recommend carrying out this service once every 5 years/ every 60,000 miles or sooner depending of driving conditions. 

Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

We are trained and qualified to IMI accreditation at level 2 & 4.

We carry out all maintenance and repair on electric vehicles including serving, hybrid engines, electric motors, braking systems and much more.

BMW M-Power

Munich Motorworks are a fully equipped specialist for M-Power vehicles. With M-Power trained staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience on offer, we will be able to look after every need your M-Car demands.


Being M-Car enthusiasts, we understand the necessity to keep your pride and joy a thill to drive while retaining maximum return on your investment. That’s why we keep out servicing and repairs competitively priced using a blend of genuine BMW and top quality original equipment branded parts. 

Only Castrol Edge 10w-60 Supercar (TWS) is used or a BMW approved oil for the later M-Cars no longer requiring 10w-60 grade oil. 

With a back catalogue of hundreds of jobs on M-Power cars, from oil servicing to engine rebuilds, VANOS overhauls and connecting rod bearing shell renewal, your car is in safe hands when understanding what the best and most cost effective repair is. 

ECU Remapping

Engine remapping - for performance or economy from £199.

We have invested in the latest software that will allow us to remap your vehicle via the OBD port and not by removing the ECU and probing the circuit board.

This is a far safer way of tuning your vehicle. By simply altering the settings inside your ECU we can simply improve the performance of your vehicle.


Or, if it is a better economy you are looking for, we can remap your vehicle with an economy map. This generally increases performance slightly but more importantly will give you as much as 8 MPG more.

Diagnosis & Investigation

Vehicle technology is evolving at an alarming rate and unfortunately generic garages are struggling to keep up with the advancement in technology.


We are dealer trained staff and only use dealer level diagnosis equipment but more importantly, have the knowledge and experience to use it correctly.

This ensures we do not waste time locating the problem with your vehicle, this in turn saves your money being wasted on needless diagnosis.

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